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Welcome to E-Pool, the recruitment register for fixed-term and relief teachers in the Department of Education, Tasmania. E-Pool enables you to make your application online. It also allows you to update your details online as necessary, for example if you change address or phone numbers.

Please note that at this stage other employment categories e.g. teacher-aide, administrative, groundskeeper, etc can not register through E-Pool.

Fixed-term Employment

Employment as a fixed-term teacher means that you will be employed in accordance with the terms of your Instrument of Appointment for a specified term of more than 20 days to temporarily replace an existing teacher, to temporarily fill a vacancy, or to undertake a special project.

Relief Employment

Relief teachers are required, usually at short notice, by schools throughout the State to cover for teachers who are absent for short periods of time. Such absences may result from a variety of reasons but are typically due to short-term illness or attendance at professional development activities. Employment as a relief teacher means that you will be employed in accordance with the terms of your Instrument of Appointment for a maximum of 20 days on each occasion.

Teacher Registration

All teachers seeking employment with the Department of Education, Tasmania must have been granted registration, provisional registration or a limited authority to teach, by the Teachers Registration Board before they can be employed to undertake teaching duties. This applies to all teachers, including fixed-term and relief teachers.

All queries relating to teacher registration should be directed to the Teachers Registration Board

Good Character Check

You must complete a Good Character Check Form. This enables the Department of Education to undertake a number of checks to ensure that you satisfy the requirements of a Good Character Check.

PLEASE NOTE: Until you have registered with the Teacher Registration Board and have completed your Good Character Check you cannot be offered any teaching appointments.

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